Database Development:

R.J. Morris Services will design a database system to match your administration procedures. This has the advantage that you are not forced to change your procedures to fit in with the requirements of an "off the shelf" generic system. Whilst the investment in a custom built system may seem to be far greater than a shrink-wrapped product this ignores the additional hidden costs in changing internal systems. A custom built system will also allow changes to internal systems to be accomplished far more swiftly and with considerably less expense than with a generic system.

R.J. Morris Services will also upgrade existing custom built systems to make use of the facilities offered by the latest versions of Windows and Office Applications. We recognise that there are a large number of small businesses who use systems that have basically become out dated and are in desperate need of modification but can not be because of the lack of facilities available to the designer when the system was introduced.

R.J. Morris Services will also be able to incorporate as much of your existing data from virtually any source into a new system, giving you a head start in the development of the new system. (See Data Conversion.). This stage of the design of a database system often identifies areas for improvement in administrative procedures as it is often the first time that senior managers get to see all of the information that is being recorded in the day to day running of the business. This often applies even where an existing "legacy" system exists as our extensive experience in this area often means that data suddenly becomes so much easier to analyse.

R.J. Morris Services are also able to seamlessly integrate with common programs such as the Microsoft Office Suite to allow easily customisable input and output from the core database system.


R.J. Morris Services are a Royal Mail tested and validated supplier for Mailsort 1400 data processing.

Oil Industry Services

R.J. Morris Services have extensive experience in Wireline log data digitising, over the past 12 years we have digitised some 20 million curve feet of well logs. We specialise in the type of logs that modern scanning software simply can not cope with and at a price that you will find compares very favourable with our competitors in this specialised market. We can also provide a composite well log from either paper or existing digital data as well as converting to and fixing corruption in most of the common well log digital formats. Please click here for further details of our digitising services

Eclipsenet® Subscription Software

R.J. Morris Services have extensive experience in the analysis and production of reports from this highly sophisticated subscription software.

Data Conversion

R.J. Morris Services can convert data from a wide variety of sources into a number of popular formats. The most common need for data conversions is as part of database development work and normally means capturing data from a variety of formats including common software such as Microsoft Word® or Excel©® as well as other more specialised software such as AutoCAD®. We are also able to convert data to and from a wide variety of Oil Industry specific formats. (See Oil Industry Services)

R.J. Morris Services can also recover database files if they have become corrupted in any way, this can often be a problem with older systems that are unable to cope with the modern Windows environment. Please click here for further details of our data conversion services