Digitising Services

We have been digitising well logs for almost 12 years during which time we have digitised about 20 million curve feet of data including about 3 million curve feet of Russian and other East European logs. As a result of our exposure to the often low quality of these logs we have developed software and expertise that allows us to achieve remarkably high levels of quality whilst meeting our customer’s turnaround requirement.

We have developed software which allows us to swiftly and accurately digitise skewed logs which present a serious problem with prints which have had to be produced to a deadline.

In our experience most digitising software does not cater for this type of log, resulting in off-depth data where depth inaccuracy is a function of the data value. This is clearly undesirable and not something that our commitment to quality would allow us to deliver to our clients.

We also identify and correct the other common problem found with older logs which is lateral rarefraction and compression which if not detected and corrected can have a disastrous effect on the depth integrity of the data.

Our software is also more than capable of dealing with any of the multitude of scaling systems used on well logs and unlike other service companies we do not charge for check-plots or have any additional charges for conversion of data to any common format (TIF/LIS, CWLSA LAS or plain ASCII). There is also no extra charge for check-plots – produced to present as accurate a representation of the original log as possible. We also supply a data summary showing ranges where data is present and for each individual curve segment the maximum, minimum and average values. Please click here for an example.

In general all logs for a particular well are combined into one final file with appropriate splice points to merge data from different logs however it is equally possible for us to keep individual logs in separate files if this is required.

Our prices are extremely competitive – for example taking a notional well requiring 5 curves digitising (from a 1:500 scale log) over a depth range of 5000 metres our costs would work out to be somewhere around £1000 for a five working day turnaround. This assumes reasonable quality data – all jobs are quoted for individually once we have sight of the logs and can therefore establish the likely difficulties.

In addition we can digitise any other paper data that you may require – we have successfully digitised cross plots and various other data for various Exploration & Production clients.

Please click here to email us if you require any further information or a quote.