Data Conversion Services

R.J. Morris Services have an extremely successful record in the field of data conversion.

We started in this field by developing software to identify and fix errors caused by degrading magnetic tapes. These tapes contained data measured from an oil well (in the notoriously complicated LIS format used by the oil industry), which in the majority of cases simply could not be reproduced without spending hundreds of thousands of pounds reproducing the logging runs. (Assuming that the client had physical access to the wells in the first place!)

Since then we have converted data from all kinds of different sources into something that was usable for our clients. This can (and has) encompassed everything from totally proprietary database file formats to text files (often print formatted reports from other database systems.)

As experts in database design we can swiftly analyse what information is available from any file (or group of files) and convert it into whatever format is necessary - often this means complete translation from one fully relational system into another.

We have successfully extracted and rationalised fully relational subscription data from a variety of different sources into a format suitable for the Eclipsenet® subscription software. This encompassed virtually all of the subscriptions handled by Highbury House Communications, one of the largest publishers of consumer magazines in the UK.

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